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Jet Skiing on Lake Hamilton

Hot Springs has five lakes in the area, with the main three being Lake Ouachita, Hamilton, and Catherine. Each have their own unique qualities and traits about them that sets them apart from the others. But, there is one thing I know that they all have in common, and that is that I would love to ride a jet ski on any and all of them…

 Lake Hamilton and Lake Catherine are both man-made lakes created by Arkansas Power and Light, Catherine was created in the 1920’s with the building of Remmel Dam, and Hamilton in 1932 with the creation of Carpenter Dam. The forming of these lakes combined with the thermal waters really helped out with tourism in Hot Springs in the early years, and continues to draw people here today. Lake Ouachita is the largest lake within Arkansas’ boundaries encompassing 690 miles of shoreline and 40,000 acres of water. Ouachita is also a very frequented destination for scuba divers around the world, since the lake is so clean. I however, decided to ride the jet ski on Lake Hamilton…and I had a blast!

I hadn’t been on a jet ski, before yesterday, in 15+ years so it felt really good to get back on one. If you’ve never ridden a jet ski, then you definitely need to as soon as possible! Being on a jet ski is such a cool and unique experience because it is relatively small giving you a TON of maneuverability, while not giving up any power or speed. I was speeding by boats left and right while turning on a dime, and being able to get into much shallower water than a boat would. Jet skis are even powerful enough to sling around a loaded tube from the back of it. I’ve seen many people being thrown back forth across the wake of a jet ski, while desperately clinging to their tube!

There are many places to rent boats and watercrafts/toys on and around all the lakes around Hot Springs. I would suggest going to Salty Dog Boat & Jet Ski Rental for any of your Lake Hamilton needs. They’re in a great location and have great service.

In closing, if you haven’t ever ridden a jet ski on the lake, then you aren’t using the lake’s full fun potential. Get out there and do it! Enough said.

Contact: (501) 525-6400, www.saltydogboatingcenter.com

Location: Lake Hamilton, Hot Springs, 71913


There are few things that I think everyone should do before they die: read the Bible, see a Dave Matthews concert, go skydiving, and I officially have a new one to add to the list…play disc golf at Cedar Glades park.

I was really excited to be going out to play disc golf at Cedar Glades because it would be my first time ever playing this sport as well as being inside Cedar Glades Park, which is located close to downtown Hot Springs. I have only ever heard good things about the fast-growing sport that is disc golf, and so had been wanting to play for some time. The sport of disc golf is basically exactly how it sounds, frisbees+golf. There are three basic discs (just like different golf clubs) the driver, mid-range, and putter discs. Each disc differs in weight, size, and how much it curves after you throw it.  And, just like on a real golf course, there are 18 holes with the par varying depending on the hole. There are even some holes with a par 5!

In the disc golf world, the Cedar Glades park course is actually a pretty well-known venue. It’s considered a world-class disc golf course, designed by one of the premier disc golf course designers, John Houck.

Now, you might be thinking that since this course was designed by a legendary course designer and attracts people from across the country, then maybe it’s not fit for a beginner or someone who’s never played before, but actually it’s designed to be easy enough for beginners, yet stay challenging enough for the pros. My dad and I actually got around 13 pars between the two of us, even though we’ve never played before.

Even in the 105 degree heat, we played through 18 holes of disc golf in relative comfort. I mean, yeah we were sweating a lot and had to drink a lot of water, but since the course is smack dab in the middle of a forest, there’s shade practically everywhere you go, lending you a cool breeze and blockage from the sun!

Cedar Glades park has many features and fun things to do besides the disc golf course, including; 15 miles of mountain bike and hiking trails (recently voted as best trails in the state of Arkansas by Mountain Bike Series), camping areas, remote control car track, an ADA-accesible control deck, and a climbing wall!

All in all, I had a great time playing disc golf for the first time on a great course, created by a well-known designer, in a park that has a lot of things to offer. I definitely recommend going out and trying disc golf if you haven’t already, and know that if you do you will have a blast! I hope you will go out there and play sometime, I know I’ll be back there soon!

Contact: cgpark@garlandcounty.org, (501) 623-2854

Location: 461 Wildcat Rd. Hot Springs, AR, 71901