Continuing my tour of entertainment and attractions in Hot Springs, I stepped aboard the Belle of Hot Springs Riverboat. I had heard many good comments about the Belle and decided that it definitely sounded like it was “blog-worthy.”

The Belle of Hot Springs Riverboat is a 225 passenger riverboat that takes you across the beautiful waters of Lake Hamilton. The Belle has been making its trek across Lake Hamilton for more than 25 years and is still going strong. It has 3 separate decks, 2 of which are enclosed and climate controlled allowing for a pleasant journey. The Belle also has multiple excursions you can choose from, including a sightseeing cruise, luncheon cruise, sunset dinner and dance cruise (the most popular), and even an ice cream social cruise during the summer months.

I chose to take the sightseeing cruise, which sails daily at 1 pm (also at 3 pm June-mid August). The Captain took us on a 15 mile journey of the lake which lasted a little over an hour. One of the many things I’ve learned this summer is that, if you want to have a good tour, you must have a good personality overseeing and narrating your tour with interesting and helpful information. And luckily, the Belle had just that. The Captain narrating our cruise gave me enough information concerning the history and life of Lake Hamilton and Hot Springs, that I now feel confident to write a book on the city. The Captain also made sure to point out many famous mansions and getaways known to belong to different celebrities, spicing up the tour with some humour along the way.

The Belle’s second deck offered a variety of foods, snacks, and drinks available for purchase at its snack bar, which makes the trip that much more enjoyable. I can’t speak personally for the quality of food served on the dinner cruises (because I was on the sightseeing cruise), however I did get a chance to peek at the menu and it had a very good selection of foods ranging from prime rib to shrimp and crab. But, the food must be good because the Belle even caters to different events going on in the city.

Overall, I had a very enjoyable time aboard the Belle of Hot Springs Riverboat and learned a lot about the lake itself. I am most definitely going to come back again and try one of the other cruises that they offer. The Belle is fun for you whether you’re by yourself or with friends, I would also highly recommend it if you’re looking for a good date activity. So, if you’re looking for a more relaxing and scenic attraction in the Spa City, climb aboard the Belle of Hot Springs, sit back, and take it easy on this fun-filled tour of Lake Hamilton!

Location: 5200 Central Hwy. 7 South, 71913

Contact:, (501) 525-4438