I recently heard about the Arkansas Walk of Fame attraction in downtown Hot Springs, so I decided to check it out. I had no expectations or pre-determined thoughts about it because I simply had never really heard much about it…

The Arkansas Walk of Fame was established in 1996 and is located in downtown Hot Springs on Central Avenue, right next to the Visitor’s Center. Basically, the Walk of Fame is a long row of plaques on the ground (over 25) depicting various well-known state figures, and their contributions to our society. Examples include Bill Clinton (former U.S President), Sidney Moncrief (Razorback and NBA basketball star), Douglas MacArthur (5 star general in the US Army), Pat Day (thoroughbred racing hall of fame) and many, many more.

The plaques themselves are really descriptive and give good details to highlight each of the Hall of Fame’s inductees. A downside for the Walk of Fame is that there’s no Tour Guide or audio information being given, you simply walk down the sidewalk and look at the different plaques line up. Now, I know what you’re thinking, “This doesn’t sound too exciting.” Well, if you thought this, you are definitely right. This being the case, I wouldn’t suggest the Walk of Fame to people who are looking for fun things to do in the Spa City, unless they are an extreme history buff on the state of Arkansas. For all others, it’s a fairly hot and boring experience.

As I wouldn’t go out in the city specifically looking for this attraction, it’s still an interesting thing to look at if you’re already in the area.

Location: Central Avenue, Hot Springs

Contact: http://www.arkansasties.com/Garland/Structures/WalkofFame/Walk.htm