For this blog it’s back to the entertainment, and what better way to highlight Hot Springs’ attractions than by writing about something that is unique only to Hot Springs. That’s right, the Gangster Museum of America (TGMOA) is the only one of its kind! Located in historic downtown Hot Springs, the museum sits right around what used to be a hotbed of activity for the most infamous gangsters in the country…

 Upon entering TGMOA you are instantly greeted by some of the friendly staff, dressed in mobster clothes of course, and await your journey into the heart of the gangster era. Once the tour starts, your informative (and well dressed) guide takes you into the first room and begins telling you the history that the city has had with some of the most recognized names and faces this country has ever seen.

Many of the rooms in TGMOA are solely devoted to different “movers and shakers” in the gangster world. As the tour progresses into the various rooms, the tour guide provides you with many interesting facts orally as well as by playing a video (some of which are actual interviews with the gangsters themselves) on that specific gangster, in whose room you’re in, leaving you with as much information on gangsters as you could possibly want!  The tour provides great historically accurate information, while conveying it in an entertaining way. Big names grace TGMOA’s halls and rooms, names you might recognize such as; Al “scarface” Capone, Owney Madden, Alvin “Creepy” Karpis, Frank Costello, Lucky Luciano, and many more are.

TGMOA has many fun and interactive displays as well, ranging from holding an authentic Tommy Gun to throwing back the lever on one of the actual slot machines used in clubs in that time period. Also on display are many different items that numerous gangsters owned and used including club signs, menus, wanted posters, as well as brass knuckles.

TGMOA is a great place to go for an afternoon of history and entertainment, and being the only one of its kind, it’s really the only place you could go to experience anything like this. I had a lot of fun at the museum and know you would as well. I would recommend this place to anybody who is visiting the area, as well as to Hot Springs natives, it’s good to know something about the history of your city…and with Hot Springs, that history is jam-packed, full of gangsters.

Location: 113 Central Avenue, 71901

Contact: (501) 318-1717,