The Maxwell Blade Theatre of Magic (M.B.T.M) is next in line on my list of Hot Springs attractions to visit! The M.B.T.M show was very entertaining to say the least. With elaborate illusions and an alluring personality, Mr. Blade captured my attention from the get-go, the moment he stepped onto the stage.

One of the most enjoyable elements of the show was the fact that it felt so private and intimate. The Magic Lantern Theatre seats around 30-50 people so everyone feels included as there is always a rich supply of interaction with all who are present in the audience. Although people of any age would enjoy this production, due to the many sensational illusions, I found that much of the humor used, although hilarious, was over the heads of children. In fact, I found myself explaining many various things to my girlfriend who didn’t seem to quite understand some of the more suggestive comments that were made.

Mr. Blade is a very mysterious character, as he kept us in the dark about many different elements of his past that he alluded to. For one, he told us that he was in a very successful rock band in the 80’s but wouldn’t concede to tell us the name of said band. He also said that he played the piano with Elton John, had a larger production of his magic show in Vegas many years ago and sold many commercial products on television. Very curious as to if these comments were true or not, I tried to research him when I got back to a computer, but was unable to find any information on the amazing story that is Maxwell Blade’s life. Whether these things are truly fact or fiction, doesn’t really matter because they definitely did what they were suppose to do, which was to enhance Mr. Blade’s persona and performance.

With 90 minutes of drama, entertainment, and interaction, the $15  a head ticket price (for adults) is fairly reasonable. Mr. Blade’s passion for his work really enveloped the audience and pushed his performance to the next level. I enjoyed every minute of my time spent in the Magic Lantern Theatre and would absolutely recommend it to others looking for an evening of excitement, humor, and amusement!

Location: 121 Central Avenue, Hot Springs Arkansas

Contact: (501) 623-6200,