The Hot Springs Mountain Tower is definitely a sight to behold and is my second venture on the quest to find fun in Hot Springs. Although not necessarily an action-packed attraction, the Mountain Tower is eye-popping and is  a good way to relax a bit while taking in all of downtown Hot Springs in one glance.

Tucked in the middle of the Ouachita Mountain range and standing at 216 ft. tall, this superstructure is hard to miss as a premier hot spot in Hot Springs. The phrase “Getting there is half the fun” came to mind as I drove up the winding mountain paths to get to the tower. With several different vantage points to stop at along the way, there are many different opportunities to survey God’s dramatic masterpiece that surrounds the city.

The first Tower, built in 1877, stood at 75 ft. tall and was considered a landmark of Hot Springs. The Tower in operation today first opened to the public in 1983 and has remained a landmark and staple for the city.

Once you make the trip to the Tower, you are instantly greeted by the friendly staff, who are happy to help you in any way possible. The lobby is where the Tower store is located which is a great place to pick up any souvenirs or gifts that one might need. Also available are maps and guides of other attractions and events going on in Hot Springs, which is a big help if you are trying make plans for a trip in Hot Springs.

After you buy your entrance token you step through the gate, into the elevator and your adventure begins! As with many assorted Hot Springs attractions, the Mountain Tower does not neglect a history lesson, as the ride to the landings is narrated with relevant historic information. There are two separate landings at varying heights where you can choose to get off of the elevator, but I would highly recommend going to the highest one! Stepping out onto the landing (the highest one if you’re smart) you can either stay inside the glass walls or proceed to the outside view, which I highly recommend.

Once onto the landing, you are at your own discretion as to how long you would like to stay and contemplate the breathtaking view. This is also a good time to get more of a feel for the city and where everything is located within it.

All in all, the Hot Springs Mountain Tower is a good spot to take on for anyone who would like to get further acquainted with this beautiful city. I would recommend trying the Tower either at the beginning or end of your day, which is a relaxing way to start or end an exciting trip.

Location: P.O. Box 6000, Hot Springs 71902

Contact: (501) 623-6035