This is it…The Mid America Science Museum is my first stop on the road to finding out all the fun things to do that Hot Springs has to offer. When I first entertained the idea of touring the M.A.S.M my immediate thought was that this was a place devoted and geared totally towards children and would therefore not work well with what I am setting out to do. However, I soon learned that I was wrong.

Being that game 2 of the NBA Finals was on TV the same day that I toured the museum, I figured that my thoughts would be mostly fixated on the upcoming big game (which my Lakers won by the way!), but as soon as I stepped foot onto the walkway that led up to the majestic 65,000 sq. foot building that housed the museum, all my other thoughts were swept aside.

The museum itself, which is the largest in Arkansas, is nestled within 21 acres of scenic beauty and even offers nature trails to hike that wind in and out of a free-flowing creek. Once inside the museum, you are immediately greeted by an interesting assortment of gadgets and displays that capture your attention straightaway. The lobby hosts the museum’s shop which holds intriguing souvenirs as well as a large amount of educational items for sale.

The M.A.S.M’s mission is to “Stimulate interest in science, to promote public understanding of the sciences and to encourage lifelong science education through interactive exhibits and programs.” Now, I know what you are thinking, “Education? Learning? I did enough of that when I was in school!” But the M.A.S.M does an excellent job at delivering numerous exciting, interactive and interesting displays that keep your attention, while maintaining and conveying a high level of educational information. From 3 dinosaur exhibits (including fossils, animatronics and video animation)to space/astronomy exhibits, walking through and interacting with  these different exhibits can really bring out your “inner-kid” and placate any history buff. The museum even holds a Guinness World Record by possessing the world’s most powerful conical Tesla Coil! This metal giant puts out a staggering 1.5 million volts of electricity and is truly a sight to behold when in operation.

The M.A.S.M was a great find for me and is a place that I consider worth going to check out if you are ever in the Hot Springs area. The “totally geared towards little kids” persona is officially debunked and while it remains a great place to take children, it also holds many entertaining activities to occupy a 20-30 year old. I would recommend touring the M.A.S.M for someone of any age! This was a an awesome first stop for me and I will continue to keep you up-to-date on my findings for the next one!

Location: 500 Mid America Blvd., Hot Springs 71913

Contact: (501) 767-3461, 1-800-632-0508