So, this is officially my first ever blog entry and I am pumped! The purpose of this blog is to let people know what Hot Springs truly has to offer…

If you live in Arkansas or its surrounding areas then you are probably familiar with Hot Springs aka the Spa City. On the same token, when you think of Hot Springs, the first thoughts to pop into your head are probably things like “Old people, retirement community and slow driving” or “Kid oriented, children and family fun.” I thought the exact same thing 3 years ago before I moved here. But in these 3 short years I’ve learned otherwise. I’ve changed my opinion of the Spa City and I am here to change yours as well.

This summer my main goal is to change this “strictly old people or families only” perception of Hot Springs. Even though the Spa City has cultivated a reputation as a great place to retire or a great place to bring your family on vacation, Hot Springs has many fun and exciting things to do for young adults (20-30 year olds) as well. And that is exactly my purpose/goal for the summer, I want to increase awareness of all the thrilling and entertaining things there are to do in this city for this sometimes neglected demographic. And, in order to do so, I will be visiting and experiencing many of the different businesses/events that Hot springs has to offer to the young adult crowd and blogging about what I find. There are many diverse businesses/events going on around this town that are exciting, entertaining, thrilling and down right fun for young people to experience yet remain undiscovered by the majority of the public.

So, all that’s left for me to do is to get out there and start experiencing the various and enthralling activities that Hot Springs has to offer and to keep you posted on my discoveries!